Georges Francais

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Not a happy customer : At the beginning of June, I placed an order with for a 20.11$ molding that was listed as available on their website and a 3.58$ sidestand tension spring. Shipping for both items was 29.99$ which is kind of expensive, but I really wanted the molding so I went ahead anyway. I paid via Paypal immediately and waited. Then yesterday I got a message saying that my order had shipped, minus the molding that was no longer available. So I ended up paying 29.99$ shipping for a 3.58$ tension spring. I called to tell them that at the very least they should have sent a message asking if I still wanted to pay 30$ to ship a 3.58$ part, but they said they don't do that and that it's written in their terms of sale. As for the refund for the molding I had paid in advance, they said they would issue a refund 48 hours after I received my order which sounds pretty fishy to me. Anyway I don't need that money to buy milk so it's going in the "lesson learned" column and that's it! But I'm not going to do business with them again, and I encourage you all to avoid, there are more responsible businessess out there that really want your business and will give you good customer service in exchange for your money. End of story.

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