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On the airbox side, I also had to fabricate an adapter to go from 40 mm to 50 mm, which is the inner diameter of the rubber boot connecting the airbox to the carb. That adapter was glued to the throttle body on the airbox side using JB Quick and some fiberglass tape. The boot has become really hard and kind of smaller in diameter with age, and I did not see that when I made the adapter. I should have looked more closely before fabrication. It fits, but it's pretty hard to get it over the adapter. I think it worked out beautifully.

This is the throttle body and both adapters mounted on the engine for a trial fit. It's so neat!!! You can also see that I got rid of the bimetal control valve that sits in that yellow plastic shield under the manifold where the two hoses used to exit, because with the electronic control module it won't be needed anymore.

This is as far as I want to go with the conversion for now, because the next step would be to weld the threadolet on the exhaust manifold for the O² sensor. But I will not do that until the powertrain is back under the frame, because I want to make sure that there is enough clearance between the side cover and the frame on the right side. So in the meantime I'll finish rebuilding the powertrain. I drained the final drive gear oil, and replaced it with 200 ml of Castrol full synthetic gear oil. Then I removed the real wheel hub and the brake pads, and cleaned everything thoroughly in there. The rear brake pads were still in great shape with lots of life left in them. I had bought new pads, but the one I received are about 3 mm narrower than the original. So for now I kept the old ones and see if I got the wrong ones or if this is normal.

The last step was to put the wheel back with a new 100/90-10 Pirelli SL-26. The tires that were on the scooter when I bought it were cheap 4.0 X 10 chinese tires. I know people use bigger tires for a better ride, but I want it to be as close to the original as I can, so that I have a known baseline to compare the performance of the conversion against. Also I thought that the look was a little goofy with those big tires. Maybe once I get to ride it I'll go back to bigger tires.

Tonight I finished cleaning the frame and assorted parts. I found two electrical wires that had been repaired with tape under the frame, so I soldered them properly.

Then I re-taped the wire harness and painted the frame where there was rust.

Finally I painted the front fork, and the front shock.

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